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5 Creative Print Marketing Ideas Using Augmented Reality

March 30, 2020

From business cards to banners, augmented reality is changing the way you connect with customers through print marketing. A 2D presentation turns into a 3D experience as a video jumps off the page and into the world around your client. It’s exciting, it’s fun, and it’s great for customer conversion!

5 Unique Print Marketing Ideas Using Augmented Reality

Web AR advertising connects your customer to your brand without needing to download any apps. The App-less technology couldn’t be any more user friendly. The customer simply points their phone’s camera at the printed material, clicks on one or two automatic prompts, and voila, they get to experience an augmented reality around them.

Business Cards

With AR business cards, your options go far beyond a glossy or matte finish. With a custom QR code, you can attach a custom video of you introducing yourself, your company, and services while providing clickable contact information. The augmented reality video replaces the business card through the recipient’s phone’s display, moving along with the holder’s motions and showing floating information. The content of the video is only limited to your imagination.


Direct mail print marketing is still a highly effective strategy, made even more effective with augmented reality. Instead of trying to convey your message in words, you can express it in images. For instance, let’s say you own a real estate firm and are trying to increase your sales listings. With an augmented reality postcard, you can send potential clients on a tour of a dream home. So, while they’re opening mail in their drab kitchen, they can be transported through the chef’s kitchen to the backyard oasis they’ve always wanted. They’ll be clicking on your call-to-action before the AR experience is even over.


Show them what they’ll be missing if they don’t RSVP ‘yes’! Augmented reality invitations are quickly growing in popularity for corporate summits, conventions, charity events, and more. Destination wedding in Spain? Put the Amalfi Coast in your invitee’s hands. New product launch for your winter fashion line? Take your customers to the slopes. Charity dinner benefiting refugees? Show them the refugee children playing and smiling due to their potential support.


“My eyes are bigger than my stomach” will echo through your restaurant. With augmented reality menus, your diners would see the mouthwatering dishes as if they are placed right in front of them. Surely, anyone who was about to say they are too full for dessert will think again as a bread and butter pudding sizzles at their fingertips.

Banners and Brochures

Whether at a convention or in your store, traditional brochures and banners can be elevated to a virtual experience with augmented reality. Customers can interact with your products, learn about your services, or be introduced to your brand simply by pointing their phone’s camera at your augmented reality brochure or banner. They won’t forget the experience, and they won’t forget your brand.

Endless Creative Ideas for Print Marketing with AR

Like we said, from business cards to banners, augmented reality presents unlimited possibilities when it comes to print marketing. Learn more about Aircards’ services and our ground-breaking technology. Let us help you bring your brand to life. Contact us for a free demo!