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Why Augmented Reality Should Be Part of Your Audience Building Campaign

April 22, 2020

Get Your Brand Noticed

For businesses of all shapes, sizes and varieties, marketing should be a high priority if you want to get your brand noticed. To do that, brands must optimise everything, from the brand image they present to the content they put out to their consumers. Brands should focus on delivering engaging content to really draw in consumers. A great example of this is when BON V!V Spiked Seltzer used Web-based Augmented Reality to drive brand awareness in their recent AR Outdoor Advertising campaign.

If brands want content to be engaged with effectively, they need to target the correct audiences with content like this. Content that allows consumers to interact with and build that brand connection. Using engaging technologies like Augmented Reality is a great way to do that.

augmented reality audience building

Learn How Content Performs

To build an engaged audience, you need to send out different types of content to see how they perform. Does the audience that see it show interest? How do they react? 

It is important to track the actions the consumers subsequently take and gain an insight into the quality of the content your brand is putting out and also narrow down that target audience. 

You should narrow down your audience until you are confident that your brand has a solid selection of interested consumers. 

augmented reality audience building

Think Outside The Box

There are many ways to build an audience for your brand, but as more competition comes onto the market it can be hard to stand out. 

Savvy brands have to start thinking outside the box and think of new and creative ways to engage an audience and marry those ideas with innovative technology. 

Have you considered utilising augmented reality into your marketing campaigns? It’s a great idea and below we outline why it is worth your attention. 

augmented reality audience building

Augmented Reality Event Marketing

For brands, hosting or appearing at events is an effective way to build an audience by being seen as personal and accessible and thanks to the growth of rich social media content, it is now easy to record and document events. 

By adding augmented reality, either in print marketing such as flyers or business cards and something on a bigger scale like an augmented reality portal, the creative direction is up to you. You could show a tour of your event, shop or studio, or take consumers through the production process, or provide a product demo. The possibilities are endless. 

You could record the event and share it online for your audience to watch. A consumer might see the content on Facebook or YouTube and visit your website to learn about your brand.

augmented reality audience building

Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Although augmented reality has been around for some time in gaming, it is still considered a new and exciting instrument in marketing. 

Augmented reality marketing is becoming a growing trend and marketers and brands are seeing the effects of augmented reality ads outperforming their counterparts by significant margins. Engagement and curiosity make a dynamic combination that can’t be ignored. 

Augmented reality doesn’t just receive attention because it’s unusual, it's also immersive in a way that standard content isn't. The online world is flooded with digital content, and to stand out with traditional marketing is a hard task but if you choose to use augmented reality, you’ll be ahead of the competition. 

augmented reality audience building

Helpful Tools

Augmented reality isn’t just a tool for games and entertainment, it’s also excellent practical technology. It can be used to preview how products will interact in the real world, such as trying on makeup or scaling a piece of furniture. 

The possibilities are endless with augmented reality and with most people having a smartphone a large audience is waiting to try your augmented reality. 

The augmented reality you create doesn’t have to have a direct correlation to your regular content, which allows you to get creative and fill almost any gap in the market, it also could help you reach new consumers and expand that audience base and consequently, build your brand with those previously unfamiliar with it.

augmented reality audience building

Adding augmented reality into your audience building campaign can gain your brand a lot of attention, from current consumers as well as new audiences. Augmented reality is versatile and can cover everything from billboards to business cards, it can be used to promote events and give you options for publicising your brand to those who might otherwise never learn anything about it. 

If you're reading this article because you're ready to take the steps to get Augmented Reality for your brand, you're in the right place. Check out our Web AR technology features, or contact us to get started.