Augmented Reality Print Examples

If you’ve been keeping an eye on technology trends, you’ll be familiar with Augmented Reality (AR). Augmented reality layers computer generated images in real time onto the user’s real world view, usually through the use of a smartphone. The purpose of augmented reality is to create an innovative and more meaningful experience through increased user interaction and engagement. 
Here at Aircards we hope to lead the market with our innovative app-less augmented reality experiences. 

Here’s a look back at some of our coolest examples of how augmented reality has been incorporated into print, but first, let us show you how they work. 

Pretty cool right? Now check out some of our other augmented reality print examples.


Blocknorth are a blockchain specialist company with headquarters in Newcastle upon Tyne. Blocknorth created Block Party which are a blockchain-focused eco-system building events. We teamed up with Blocknorth and were a headline sponsor at their most recent ‘Block Party’ which took place in Amsterdam. 

Along with supporting the event, we also provided Augmented Reality cards for guests to experience and take away as mementos from the evening. These cards showcased the event promo video along with links to find out more about the roster of sponsors for the evening. We think they turned out great and Blocknorth have received a significant amount of traffic from them.

Boot Barn

US e-commerce giant Boot Barn contacted us regarding launching an augmented reality in direct mail campaign to support the roll-out of their new 'Bandits of the West' promotion with Wonderwest.

‍Aircards created an engaging Augmented Reality experience that was embedded into a printed flyer, which Boot Barn then distributed to their extensive customer base alongside a special sale offer. This has proven to be an innovative customer engagement campaign for Boot Barn, a company that is valued at over $1.0B, has 1,200 employees and over 25 retail locations around the USA.

As is the case with all Aircards campaigns, WebAR technology was the foundation that ensures viewers never have to download an app to view the AR experience, the viewer simply uses their smartphone to activate the experience in the mobile web browser. 

To date, the campaign has had outstanding 40% click-through rates to the Boot Barn e-commerce website. Watch the experience in-action below.

Hewlett Packard

US technology giant, Hewlett Packard Enterprise reached out to use to assist with their augmented reality in a direct mail campaign, it supports the launch of new enterprise software product HPE Primera. 

Aircards created an engaging Augmented Reality experience that was embedded into a printed flyer, which Hewlett Packard Enterprise then distributed to their extensive customer base. The unique design and innovative Call-to-Action buttons have driven strong customer engagement for HPE, a company that is valued at over $30.0B and has 60,000 employees in over 150 countries worldwide. Developed on the 8th Wall platform, hosted on AWS and in collaboration with Outbound.

The experience enables the user to choose one of three exotic worldwide locations in which to be transported through the power of AR. The Call-to-Action encourages the user to visit the new microsite for HPE Primera, the world’s most intelligent storage for Mission Critical Apps

The performance of the campaign so far has been extremely strong, with a CTR of over 30%. Given the success of this initial campaign with HPE, more use of AR marketing is currently in the pipeline.

Hand Dyed Shoe 

The Hand Dyed Shoe Co is a handmade footwear business in the North East of England. We reached out to the Hand Dyed Shoe Co, owned by Simon Bourne to discuss whether we could add augmented reality to his business. We launched an augmented reality experience for his shoe boxes and it looks incredible! But we can’t show you.. You’ll have to buy some shoes first!

augmented reality print examples

For any brands considering their own Augmented Reality marketing campaign, more information can be found at or if you'd like to start chatting to our team, email to start a conversation.