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How 5G will Affect Augmented Reality Content

December 10, 2020

Change is coming to a neighborhood near you. If 5G is not yet available in your area, it will be soon. Many consumer advantages will come along with 5G. One such advancement will be particularly noticeable with Augmented Reality (AR) content. Read on to find out more about this exciting development in one of the fastest-growing tech industries. 

How Will 5G Effect Augmented Reality? 

5G Augmented Reality

5G will impact AR significantly, and you can expect consumers to spend even more time engaging in AR ads and experiences on their phones. But why? What can we expect from 5G AR development? Keep reading to learn about the real-life applications of 5G AR. 

What is 5G?

5G is another name for the 5th generation mobile network. It is a brand new type of network that is a (huge) step up from the 4G network we’ve become familiar with. It has been designed to connect virtually everyone, you, me, and your neighbor down the road, to everything, including machines, objects, and devices.

The 5G network offers:

  • Higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds
  • Ultra-low latency
  • More reliability
  • Massive network capacity
  • Increased network availability
  • More uniform user experience

With this higher performance and increased efficiency, users will access new experiences and be connected to new industries. One of the industries that stands to benefit from this new network is Augmented Reality. 

How Will 5G Impact Augmented Reality Content?

5G Augmented Reality Experience

You might be asking yourself how 5G will impact AR. The short answer is that 5G will bring AR to the masses (even more so than it already is). Right to their fingertips, to be exact. While current AR experiences, whether through the use of an app or Web AR, is widely popular, they are limited to 4G capability. The size of the AR experience and the internet speed both directly affect the load time of a specific AR experience. With the current 4G network, most experiences have to be edited down, even though AR is capable of much broader experiences. 

Generally, an AR experience that is over 20mb puts too large a strain on a 4G network. With 5G, experiences that are multiple Gigabytes are feasible! The 5G network essentially breaks down the barriers that 4G placed on Augmented Reality. Consumers will get a better AR experience using the 5G network. As a result, engagement and conversions are expected to increase since the 5G AR experience is that much better. 

One study found that some consumers are ready to pay for the advancements of 5G by up to 32% more than they currently pay. Not only are they set and ready for faster and higher resolution video streaming, but they expect a surge in AR experiences as well. The same consumer study forecasts that consumers will be spending an additional three hours per week on their phones. One of those three hours will likely be attributed to AR experiences. 

What Does 5G Augmented Reality Content Look Like? 

What exactly can everyday consumers expect from the advancements in 5g Augmented Reality? What do some of these advancements look like in real-life application

Advanced Healthcare from a Distance 

Healthcare from a distance has never been more important or applicable than in today’s current world. During the current health crisis, telehealth visits have dramatically increased. And 5G can help further this field even more. 

Anatomical renderings through AR goggles can help train and prepare medical personnel. For mental health therapy, AR exposure therapy applications can help reduce lag times, which will provide a much more authentic experience for the user. 

In addition, high-bandwidth needs, such as connecting ambulances to medical imaging, can be made possible with 5g advancements. 

More Realistic Gaming 

Streaming and gaming have been on the rise, especially in our current climate when stay-at-home advice is still the norm. 5G can help make the AR gaming experience more immersive and realistic. Sometimes with stomach-churning, life-like clarity!

Now, consumers will be able to enjoy game-system-worthy graphics while on the go. Best of all, games will overlay characters and gameplay on the real world. Similarly to the Pokemon Go movement, 5G AR will further transport a gamer’s lifestyle from their mom’s basement to the outdoors!

Real-Life Museum Experiences: 

History buffs and artifact enthusiasts will love being able to see artifacts up-close and personal with 5g AR experiences. With quick data transmission, they will be able to see small. Minute details that are not possible with a 4G experience. 

Up-Close Sports Experiences 

Can’t make it to a big game? 5G Augmented Reality will allow users to experience the big-game with up-close, realistic live-stream video without stepping foot into the stadium. Can you imagine watching your favorite players play right in your backyard?

Changing Yourself for a Meeting 

5G-powered AR experiences can help transcend the digital connection between work and home. Not only can it help provide new meeting places for colleagues to hold important meetings, but users can also adopt more life-like avatars. No more having to be on-camera ready for an online meeting!

More Immersive Marketing 

5G Augmented Reality will transform advertisements into immersive experiences. Between AR ads and AR E-commerce, customers will be utilizing AR to help drive their decision-making and purchases. Every digital marketing strategy is likely to adopt Augmented Reality in some form or another. 

Augmented Reality Content for Your Brand

5G is here already, and if it is not yet available in your customer’s territory, it most likely will be soon. Along with 5G’s high performance and increased efficiency, there will be quicker, user-friendly AR experiences! How will you use that advanced technology?

To learn how your brand can capitalize on Augmented Reality content, contact Aircards today. We specialize in creating Web AR experiences that consistently receive engagement rates of 40% and higher! From print marketing to live events, we can help elevate your marketing strategy.

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