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Why is Augmented Reality So Appealing to Marketers?

October 20, 2020

We all know augmented reality marketing is cool, but is it really effective? Are marketers jumping at the new shiny toy, or is AR actually a valuable marketing tool? All of the above is true. AR is the new shiny toy that has proven itself to be an effective, valuable marketing tool. And it’s really cool! Marketers are jumping at it for good reasons, and we’ll tell you why.

Customer Engagement

Augmented reality turns any advertisement into an interactive experience. And the ultimate job of a marketer is not just to capture a customer’s attention, but to engage their attention. Right now, nothing does that better than augmented reality. Augmented reality overlays digital images in the real world through a user’s device. Their device’s screen becomes a portal to an augmented world where digital products, videos, and more can interact with real things around the user. 

Customer engagement soars above traditional methods because the technology is not only intriguing and fun, but it’s also informative. In one swoop, you can entertain, impress, and inform your audience. So much so, that you can expect engagement rates that are several times higher than normal. Case study after case study shows engagement rates in the 30-40% range and higher! That’s definitely something to make marketers jump for joy.

The Pot Noodle experience was a highly engaging and user-friendly Web AR virtual careers fair to students with a clear focus on student engagement and driving job applications. The experience reached 2.4M, received over 17k viewers and overall saw more than 2,000 applications, a +500% increase in job applications from the previous year. The results speak volumes on how augmented reality can increase engagement through an immersive and interactive experience.

Augmented Reality Analytics

Speaking of engagement rates, marketers love nothing more than tracking their success. Augmented reality analytics makes it possible in real-time, even with printed marketing like direct mail campaigns. Every time a user points their phone at an augmented reality WR code, the analytics dashboard buzzes to life with loads of useful information:

  • Click Rates
  • Bounce Rates
  • Page Views
  • Dwell Time
  • Conversions
  • and much more! 

Marketers can quickly see what they’re doing right and what they can improve upon. Not to mention, it’s really satisfying to see how successful you are in every category!

Endless Possibilities

Augmented reality isn’t limited by the size of a postcard or even a billboard. It’s not limited by the material or platform. An augmented reality experience can be added to a sticker, a website, product packaging, an email, or even a tattoo, for that matter. You can say or show what you want and deliver it however you see fit.  

Essentially, you can elevate any existing marketing strategy you employ to a next-gen marketing experience. You can turn a stagnant postcard into a commercial, a stale business card into a video introduction, an entire live event into a virtual experience. And don’t forget about E-Commerce, where customers can now “try on” products like clothing, shoes, and makeup. Or, they can virtually place furniture and décor in their homes. And these are just some of the ideas marketers utilise— the possibilities are only limited to the imagination!

What Augmented Reality Marketing Ideas Do You Have?

Aircards can help bring your AR marketing ideas to life. Contact us today for a free demo and a no-hassle consultation. We’ll be happy to help you determine which method is best for your company and your budget.