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How to Use Augmented Reality Business Cards

July 23, 2019

Using Augmented Reality in years gone by has been notoriously difficult and quite frankly, clunky. The previous need for downloading 3rd applications from an app store was a clear barrier to entry for any legitimate Augmented Reality business card service. Our team identified this problem early on, and setup upon creating an AR business card service that wasn't victim to these issues. Spoiler: we succeeded.

Editors Update - 31.03.21 - we are very close to launching our brand new AR Business Card creator tool, available for anyone to design their very own Augmented Reality business cards with ease. If you'd like to sign up for early access to the AR business card creator, sign up to receive your early access notification at

App-less Augmented Reality Business Cards

Aircards AR business cards uses cutting-edge technology to provide a seamless augmented reality experience. Built from the ground-up, with one thing in mind. No app required to view the experience, ever! We've removed the biggest hurdle, so you're left with the most amazing business cards that leave a lasting impression on your network of contacts.

How to use an Augmented Reality business card

Augmented Reality Business Cards
Aircards, Augmented Reality Business Card In-Action

After handing one of your AR business cards to a lucky recipient, they will see all your standard contact information that you expect to see from a business card. Name, telephone number, email address etc. On the reverse of the card will display the following Augmented Reality experience activation instructions

"View this business card in Augmented Reality! Scan using your phone camera or go to on your mobile device"

Super simple. Your contact uses their mobile device camera to scan the QR code or manually go to the URL within their phone browser where they can view your custom video and access the links that you've chosen to display!

Instant access to your social media

Augmented Reality Business Cards contact links
Social media and website links menu

Within every Aircards Augmented Reality business card experience, you have the option to include links to your social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter the list goes on. We're elevating your dusty old business card to enable increased engagement and direct click-throughs to links of your choice.

Update: Aircards now adds 'Living' AR business cards to their product offering

MON, 27th JAN 2020 - Our editors are excited to update this blog to announce the release of 'Living' AR business cards style to the Augmented Reality business cards product mix. You can watch a video of these in-action at CES 2020, where they were demonstrated to attendees throughout the conference. To say they went down a storm, would be an understatement!

How to get started

We're launching our brand new AR business card creator tool in 2021. This will be a super simple and easy-to-use AR business card designer that doesn't require any coding knowledge. You'll be able to create your very own AR business card designs in minutes. Sign up for early access at and be the first to find out when we go live!