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Pot Noodle Augmented Reality Careers Fair for Students

May 21, 2020

Aircards are proud to announce the launch of the Pot Noodle Virtual Alternative Careers Fair in partnership with Gradbay. Our team created an immersive, virtual replacement for the careers fair event after it was cancelled due to the coronavirus, bringing it to life instead using web-based Augmented Reality.

The experience features a range of custom developed 3D booths to promote different graduate employers, including the likes of GradBay, VitaCoco and FruitLab. Students on mobile devices can place the 3D careers fair scene within their own environment, transporting them to a fully interactive virtual experience.

Students can walk around the experience like they would any normal careers fair - exploring each employer booth and view an introduction video from the virtual TV screens on each booth. The Pot Noodle virtual careers fair also features an animated DJ booth with music playing, along with a variety of other fun animated features. On each employer table, students can tap the stack of application forms to apply for graduate roles. 

This Web-based Augmented Reality experience is a completely app-less experience - this means that no app download is required and students simply access the experience web-page to explore the virtual careers fair from their iOS or Android device. For students not using their mobile device, Aircards also created a desktop compatible version. The desktop version was the exact same scene, enabling users to use the directional arrows and mouse to explore the scene and interact with the employer booths. 

Pot Noodle Virtual Careers Fair in Augmented Reality\
Pot Noodle Virtual Career Fair in Web-based Augmented Reality

The current COVID-19 situation has forced a reassessment of events and conferences globally, with forward-thinking brands looking to immersive technologies to fill the gap left by the cancellation of most physical events. Instead of shutting down operations, innovative companies like Unilever see the benefit in continuing to deliver valuable, brand-led experiences to users at home. 

“This virtual careers fair experience was an extremely exciting project to work on. Recreating an entire careers fair scene in web-based Augmented Reality with multiple graduate employers and several layers of interactivity was an ambitious brief and one which our team are proud to have delivered on.”

said Head of Digital Advertising, Michael Watson.

Web-based Augmented Reality, or Web AR, does not require the user to download an app to view the Augmented Reality experience. Instead, the entire experience is held within the mobile web browser of any compatible iOS or Android device, significantly lowering the barrier to entry as compared to app-based AR experiences of the past. If you're interested in Web AR for your business or brand marketing, you can contact us today to chat with our expert team.