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Web AR Direct Mail Case Study: Nationwide

May 13, 2020

In this Web AR direct mail case study, we review an internal outreach campaign for Nationwide, one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world. Nationwide has over 32,000 employees and more than 30 office locations across the United States. The company is so well-known in the States that most passersby on the street can tell you their jingle, “Nationwide is on your side.”

Web AR Direct Mail Objective

Holding true to their motto, Nationwide wanted to show their employees and partners that they are on their side as much as they are on their customers’. The company wanted to bring holiday cheer to their internal employees, stakeholders, and partners in a merry greeting card they have never seen before. The goal was to give their work-family a lasting memory while nurturing company loyalty.

AR Direct Mail Solution

Web AR Direct Mail Case Study

To make the company holiday card one to remember, Nationwide turned to Aircards to create an augmented reality experience. Aircards created a postcard design that is reminiscent of traditional holiday designs but with a big modern twist: an augmented reality video greeting. 

Employees, partners, and stakeholders each received a postcard from this AR direct mail campaign. The printed content greeted them and then prompted them to point their phone’s camera at a custom QR code. With Aircards’ app-less Web AR technology, their devices would automatically launch the AR experience without the need to download any app. 

Through their device’s camera, the recipients could view the postcard in real space, but a video took the place of the printed content. When the users moved or turned the postcard, the video would move and turn with it. It was like holding a digital screen in their hand. The video brought warm wishes to life as familiar faces wished them happy holidays and expressed their appreciation for their professional contributions to the Nationwide family. 

Web AR Direct Mail Case Study Results

The Nationwide team certainly felt like good boys and girls who got a fun present in the mail instead of coal. Employees and partners expressed their surprise and pleasure over the augmented reality cards. The recipients felt they received more than a postcard; they received recognition, appreciation, and felt connected to the company they dedicate their professional lives to.  

The feedback was so incredibly positive that Nationwide is already planning another AR campaign with Aircards for 2020. 

Augmented Reality Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail campaigns have been reinvigorated with augmented reality. Traditional postcards have been falling victim to ad-blindness, but augmented reality is reclaiming focus. Our case studies have shown unparalleled open rates and interaction rates that are more than 5x that of traditional print marketing. The simple fact that the digital element allows a company to track the success of the campaign in solid figures, not just estimates, is golden. 

Whether you want to increase sales, improve brand awareness, boost company morale, or more, Aircards can help. We would love the opportunity to show what we can do for your brand. Please Contact Us today for a free demo or quote.