What Is App-less Augmented Reality, and Why Is It The Future?

What is app-less augmented reality, and why is it the future?

For years, one of the biggest problems with augmented reality was the requirement for a user to download an app in order to view the experience. Many augmented reality experiences have been designed to only last for approximately 1-2 minutes. Based on our calculations, on average, it takes around two minutes and 15 taps to download an AR application. The ratio of enjoyment to frustration just didn't make sense to us. This is why we developed Aircards.

Aircards cards are web-browser based, which means that don't require an application in order to view an augmented reality experience. Simply scan a unique QR code (or go to a shortened URL) in order to view augmented reality experience. Typically, within 10 seconds and after only three taps, a user can begin to engage with compelling 2D or 3D content

To put this concept to the test, we conducted a series of tests which indicated the approximate time required to download a standard augmented reality application from the app store, along with a demonstration the required time for a user to view an Aircards experience.

Steps required to experience app based AR:

  1. Open your app store
  2. Search for the application
  3. Tap on the application
  4. Tap install
  5. Tap confirm
  6. Wait for the application to download
  7. Get distracted for a minute
  8. Find the app on your home screen
  9. Tap on the app
  10. Engage with the content

Steps required to experience an Aircard:

  1. Open your phone's camera app & point it at the Aircard
  2. Tap the link
  3. Tap accept & press play

As you can see, the Aircards user is able to view their AR experience far quicker than the time it takes for the downloadable app user just simply download the app and install the application. We'll let this speak for itself!

Additionally, the cloud-hosted nature of Aircards allows for the over-the-air, real-time, post-distribution updates of live content. Whereas with a traditional augmented reality application, users are often required to manually confirm application updates, no user interaction is required for Aircards experiences, as updates can be implemented instantaneously without any user input or awareness.

In a world of noise dilution and friction, Aircards present a new way to engage and excite your customers.

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