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8 Coolest Web AR Examples for Food & Beverage

July 15, 2021

Web Augmented Reality continues to prove itself as a successful marketing tool. It’s a very effective medium to create memorable campaigns, particularly in the food and beverage industry. 

Web AR operates with the simplicity and convenience of presenting the consumer a QR code to scan, rather than requiring an app to download. So brands have found exciting and creative ways to draw new and existing customers to interact with their product like never before.

8 Best Web AR Examples for Food and Beverage

There are many approaches to developing a Web AR experience. Ultimately, the relationship between the brand and consumer is strengthened by activating their sense of wonder.

In other words, ideal Web AR is cool and it’s easy to use. So here are 7 of the coolest Web AR examples in the food and beverage space.

1 - Bon V!v’s Spiked Seltzer Pop-Up Vending Machine

Sometimes a mural ad painted on a wall is just a mural. Or in Bon V!v Spiked Seltzer’s case, the mural is also an invitation to see a gigantic virtual vending machine materialize before your eyes.

The mural itself is an interactive display of the refreshing seltzer cans, certainly alluring to the eye on a hot day. The prominently displayed message “Scan the QR code to get your Bon V!v Seltzer using Augmented Reality” coaxes the consumer to simply scan it and open the AR in their browser.

Using the camera, they can aim anywhere with flat ground with a prompt “Tap To Place” appearing on the ground. The user can choose where to locate this prompt. It could be on the beach, in the park, or even in their office. Once the user taps their screen, a vending machine that resembles the slick display on the mural appears in three-dimensional form.

The user can walk up to it for a close-up look. The machine is rooted in place, and the Web AR invites them to tap any of the cans to see it dispensed and then examine the details on the can. Within this experience, the consumer can even order online and look up what stores nearby carry the product.

Besides the clean, sleek design of the experience, it’s the instant, convenient access that stands out as a cool Web AR example.

2 - Shocker IPA Beer Can Label

Imagine walking the beer aisle trying to choose among the dozens available. In this situation, design matters. On Shocker IPA’s beer can, a cartoon man is getting electrocuted. Before the customer moves on though, their eye catches something else. It’s a message that says “This can is animated” along with a QR code.

Upon scanning it and entering the Web AR, they are invited to tap on this electrocuted man to see the bolt course through him with CGI. They can even move the can around and the animation tracks along with their movement. 

This Web AR example is certainly shocking enough to increase the likelihood of a purchase. After all, they will arrive at the party with beer and a fun party trick!

3 - Kinder “Jump Into Africa”

Shopping for candy in a supermarket has never been quite this adventurous. Posted amongst the Kinder chocolate, the in-store signage peels away to reveal a QR code that invites the customer to “Jump into Africa.”

Easy to follow instructions appear, guiding the user to scan the floor of the aisle and “Tap to Start.” A doorway to animated African plains appears before the customer, staying in place as they walk through the portal into the experience. Inside, the user can interact with 3D animated animals and read infographics for each.

When they’re done, they can walk right back through the portal into the supermarket (hopefully to buy some Kinder!).

4 - Golden Road Brewing Celebrates Dodgers Win

The newspaper Los Angeles Times printed a Golden Road Brewing ad celebrating the Dodgers’ World Series win with a QR code and message to “Raise a can with the champs.”

Upon entering the Web AR, the camera switches to selfie mode and shows the user wearing a CGI Dodgers hat, a Dodgers beer can in front of them emulating a “cheers.” The virtual items move seamlessly along with the fan.

The can then pops open to rain virtual confetti around the fan. The user can then capture this moment with a photo to share on social media, and tap a link to a rebate for the product.

5 - Michelob Ultra’s Portal to Yosemite

This is another Web AR example akin to Kinder’s jump into Africa. A virtual tent with a doorway springs up from the ground with an invitation to “Tap to enter Yosemite.” Easy instructions invite the user to walk into a life-size virtual Yosemite National Park, complete with majestic views and a picnic table featuring Michelob products.

The user is invited to explore, while at the bottom of the screen, there are options to buy online and enter a contest.

6 - AR Event Cakes

Who wants to watch a commercial? Everyone if it’s appearing on yummy-looking baked goods. By simply hovering your phone over the top of the delicious frosting, these cupcakes transform into an AR video. A business looking to promote themselves at a corporate event could bring these cupcakes to both advertise their business in an engaging way and give prospective customers a sugar rush.

This Web AR example takes the cake, literally.

7 - The Good Crisp Company Animated Product Packaging

Much like Shock IPA’s packaging, this chip canister delivers an AR experience. (By the way, this is known in the biz as “Connected Packaging.”)

The chip can instantly transforms into a virtual Christmas miracle, with snow falling atop it and Santa appearing from beneath the logo, waving at the customer. As the user moves the canister in their hand, the animation moves along with it, further immersing the customer in the magic.

This Web AR example even incentivizes the user to spread the word by providing an extra feature. The user can take a selfie with the cartoon Santa and share the picture to social media, helping advertise the brand and increase outreach to new customers.

8 - Stillhouse Whiskey Web AR Product Packaging Experience

We partnered with Team Enterprises to create a highly interactive Connected Packaging experience which transforms the unique Stillhouse Whiskey can into an immersive journey for consumers. 

The experience features custom 3D animation, compass wayfinding and a fully functional map feature, listing thousands of Points of Interest across the United States. These POIs included some amazing Federal Nature Reserve walks, along with every store location stocking Stillhouse in the USA.

The experience finishes with a fun Stillhouse banana branded selfie, which adventurers could use to snap a selfie with friends.

This experience is a great example of tying brand values into a WebAR experience. Stillhouse drinkers can use the experience to find their next adventure, and somewhere new to enjoy a cup of Stillhouse Whiskey with friends. 

Augmented Reality Solution Providers

As technology continues to improve, so will the capabilities of Web AR. A great campaign always starts with a product. We at Aircards can then help pair it with the best possible AR idea. 

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