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Augmented Reality For Product Packaging

February 18, 2020

Product packaging plays an incredibly important role when it comes to the consumer making decisions. It’s argued that product packaging is as important as the product itself.  For brands, product packaging should be a crucial marketing and communication tool for success.

Savvy businesses know this, so it is important to stay ahead of the competition and keep up to speed with new and innovative ideas. 

Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented Reality in marketing is continuing to develop, it was the largest trending technology at CES 2020 and proactive brands and marketers are not ignoring this, trying to figure out how to implement it within their brand. Well look no further, than Augmented Reality for product packaging. By combining this traditional marketing tool with a brand new and innovative technology your brand can provide a memorable experience that will alter the way the consumers view the brand and product and keep them returning again and again.

Why Use Augmented Reality?

People more than ever are on the go and while they are, they carry technology with them like smartphones and so, mobile augmented reality is growing in popularity as it can be used anytime, anyplace, with technology that is considered mobile. Mobile augmented reality is augmented reality that can be taken with you wherever you go as it fits in your pocket and will operate wherever you are, even when you are walking. 

The concept of mobile augmented reality and overlaying digital objects onto the real world to be viewed through your smartphone is impressive and the way it is being utilised in different industries is continuously improving and evolving. 


Your brand's product packaging needs to communicate with the customer. It's what the consumer sees first, and as they say, first impressions count! Your product packaging can communicate a number of things, from what the product does to your brand’s beliefs and values. With the added value of Augmented Reality, a video can be overlaid to the product packaging, this could be how to use the product or to help tell the brand story, the opportunities are endless.

augmented reality drinks packaging

Being unique

There are millions of products on the market, all fighting for the consumer’s attention. 1 in 3 customers are said to make their decisions solely based on product packaging. For your brand to succeed in the flooded marketplace your packaging has to stand out, be unique and most importantly, remembered. Augmented Reality added to your product packaging can add a layer of uniqueness. Your competitors are still in the dark about this marketing superpower so get ahead of the competition, be unique and add Augmented Reality to your brand’s product packaging. 

augmented reality product packaging


The colours used in your brand’s product packaging play a crucial role in the consumer’s decision making. Choosing the colours of your product packaging can help to convey a message. For example white represents simplicity and purity, navy implies professionalism compared to light blue which represents playfulness. But with the help of Augmented Reality you can make your product packaging come to life with all the colours of the rainbow!

augmented reality product packaging

Be Seen

Having your brand’s logo easily seen on your product packaging can help your product to be recognised, so when designing put your logo front and centre of your packaging. Catch the consumer’s eye and leave the competition in the background. Use Augmented Reality in your product packaging, make your logo come to life with your branding. Be loud, be proud and have your brand seen. 

augmented reality product packaging

Be Remembered

Take a second to think about your favourite brands, they all have one thing in common; they are memorable. You remember the products, the logo and the packaging. By adding Augmented Reality to product packaging you offer the consumer an immersive, engaging and exciting experience. Take your brands packaging to the next level and give the consumer an experience to remember with the help of Augmented Reality. 

augmented reality product packaging


Your product packaging is an advert for your brand, the better it looks, the more likely your customers are to share it with friends and have it displayed with pride. Product packaging also serves as a subliminal trigger, reinforcing familiarity and is directly linked telling your brand’s story. By adding Augmented Reality to your brand’s product packaging you can add adverts, offers and direct links to your brand’s website, social media platforms and could even link to a customer support service for questions. The possibilities with Augmented Reality are endless, you just need to work out how to utilise it to maximise your brand’s potential. 

augmented reality product packaging

Win Shelf Space

Your product packaging should be eye catching for the consumer, but that is not all, it also goes a long way in securing a good position in the retail space. Consider which retailers you wish to obtain space in and consider what would they be proud to have on display in their store. Make their lives easy by offering them beautiful, creative packaging. Stand out from the crowd and offer something completely different with Augmented Reality, where your customers can stand in a store and watch the product come to life. 

augmented reality product packaging


For customers, the “unboxing’ experience is as important as using the product itself, especially now in a world of social media influencers where unboxing videos and paid advertising is rife. Product packaging plays an important role in delivering a luxury experience for a product. By adding Augmented Reality to product packaging you can add a unique and personal perspective to the unboxing experience for customers or for influencers to share across their platform to be seen by millions of consumers globally.

Aircards are seeing a rapidly growing interest in Augmented Reality product packaging enquiries.

Stay ahead of the game and add augmented reality into your product packaging today. 

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