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Choosing The Right AR Company in 2020

March 20, 2020

There has been an astronomical rise in popularity and demand for web-based Augmented Reality experiences from both consumers and brands. Web-based AR (Web AR) allows your existing and potential customers to engage with your brand through captivating AR experiences without the need to download an app to view - compatible on both iOS and Android standard device cameras. Removing the time intensive mobile app development work that was previously required, allowing for speedy deployment of quality Augmented Reality marketing campaigns. But before you start teleporting consumers to other worlds through Augmented Reality portals or launching an Augmented Reality direct mail campaign - identifying the right AR company for the project is crucial for its success.

Here are 5 important things to consider when choosing an AR company to work with:

1. Creativity 

Creativity is Key

What does we mean when we say creativity? Think about different ways to deploy the campaign, is it rolled out over social or print media? How about interactions within the Augmented Reality experience, Avatars or 3D animations. Make sure you're choosing a team with creative talent. You probably have dozens of ideas yourself, so when you can get together with a team that also comes to the table with creative ideas, you can bounce off each other and nail down an exciting final concept. 

A great example of AR companies being creative is this 3D animation example developed by the Aircards team. Using custom 3D modelling and animation to send beautiful butterflies fluttering around the Healium business card in Augmented Reality. So pretty!  

2. Web AR Development Skill

Experienced Developers

You need to choose an AR company that has the required talent to not just pull off your ideas, but to do it at commercial-level quality. Often, experiences created by inexperienced teams or DIY-builders just lack the required standard of work to drive any meaningful results. Web AR technical skill should never be underestimated!

This example of Web AR development skill was this proof-of-concept created for Napper Architects, a leading Architecture firm in the UK. In this experience, an animated apartment complex builds itself in 3D to show off the building design stages for clients.

3. Marketing Experience

AR Marketing Professionals

Web AR development skill is clearly important, but this should go hand in hand with marketing industry experience. The perfect AR company should possess both talented developers AND seasoned marketers. This kind of mix ensures that your Augmented Reality experience will not only run with a super smooth user-experience, but it will also contain the necessary elements to make it a positive ROI driver. Clear and well place Call-to-actions, in-depth analytic tracking and intuitive UX/UI. 

4. Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service

Look for an AR company that clearly takes customer service seriously. Regular contact with the team during development and deployment is crucial for success. Dedicated account managers, quick responses and a friendly team goes a long way! Sense check the companies team, keep an eye on email response times - if they're fast and quality, you're onto a winner.

5. 'Been there, done that'

Proven Track Records

Work with an AR company that has a track record of producing quality Augmented Reality marketing campaigns. Who are their previous clients? If you see big names, you can be confident they're good-to-go. Recently, companies like Nationwide Insurance, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and US fashion-wear giant Boot Barn have all launched AR marketing campaigns that seriously impressed.

So Which AR Company Delivers?

So you're looking for an AR company that can deliver on all 5 aspects. A team that can cater to your every need and produce excellent results every time. This is something that we at Aircards proud ourselves on. Aircards, the Web AR marketing experts are the perfect choice.

Our expert team provide an end-to-end service for the creation and deployment of AR marketing campaigns. Working with brands, marketers, creative agencies and entrepreneurs to produce world-class Augmented Reality marketing campaigns. Time and time again, our team delivers outstanding results. 

We’ve worked with brands like Stanley Black & Decker, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Nationwide Insurance and one of the UK's favourite tourist attractions, Alnwick Garden to deploy engaging AR marketing campaigns. 

Our team is made up of both ultra-talented developers and seasoned marketing professionals. Get in touch to get started on your next high-performing AR marketing campaign. 

For more information, you can request a free Web AR demo, take a look at our recent AR marketing case studies or simply start a conversation with our friendly team.