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How to Use Augmented Reality for Marketing

August 13, 2020

Augmented Reality is a technology in which digital images are overlaid on the real surroundings of the users to provide an immersive and engaging experience. In recent times, AR technology is leveraged in many industries and for various applications. It is used in industries like defence, healthcare, fashion retail, furniture and home décor, marketing, and much more. 

The most common methodology of AR implementation used to be through mobile or tablet applications, but that is no longer the only way. Web-based AR implementations are gaining popularity by the day as they do not require users to download any third-party application on their device. Thus, Web AR is available to all businesses, big and small.

How to Use Augmented Reality for Marketing

Augmented Reality for Marketing

Augmented Reality is perhaps making the biggest splash in the marketing realm. Instead of users trying to click out of ads, users are actively seeking AR experiences. Brands are taking advantage of user intrigue and user enjoyment to build their brand’s image, increase sales, and attract more customer engagement than ever before.

When it comes to AR marketing, there are truly endless possibilities, but let’s discuss some of the most popular uses. 

How to Use Augmented Reality for Marketing

Increasing Brand Awareness

Brands are using this interactive experience to capture the attention of new customers and regain interest from existing clients. Even Google is using augmented Reality to grab the attention of their impossibly large user base with Google 3D Dinosaurs. People everywhere are talking about the T-Rex in their backyard or the pterodactyl in their living room. Your brand can get the same word-of-mouth and viral reaction with today’s accessible technology.

How to Use Augmented Reality

Increasing Customer Engagement

Even though Augmented Reality has been around for decades, people can’t get enough of it, especially now that the user experience is easier than ever. With Web AR, users can simply point their device’s camera toward an augmented Reality QR code, and the experience automatically comes to life. So, the same people that are feverishly clicking out of traditional online ads are actively seeking AR experiences, whether it’s a game or an interactive advertisement.

The Alnwick Garden brochure is a perfect example of turning a traditional marketing brochure into an engaging experience. The pictures of flowers and waterfalls come to life, and the users see what they’re missing if they don’t visit the gardens.

Increasing Customer Conversion or Purchase Commitment

Augmented reality marketing is also vastly outdoing traditional marketing in conversion rates. The retail and furniture industries are really capitalizing on augmented Reality with virtual “try on” and “Place in Your Space” features. By being able to “try on” shoes, sunglasses, and clothing, customers are more confident in making a purchase. The same is true for being able to virtually place a piece of furniture in your living room to see how it fits in with your décor and available space. 

How to Use Augmented Reality for Marketing Your Brand

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