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Morgan Sindall Launches Augmented Reality Marketing

December 16, 2019

16th December, 2019 -- Today, Morgan Sindall Property Services announces the launch of Augmented Reality (AR) marketing campaign  developed by Aircards. The AR cards showcases a video produced by Morgan Sindall which is Image Tracked to the dimensions of the card. Aircards enables a smooth and frictionless user-experience of the Augmented Reality. The experience is completely app-less, meaning that any recipient can take out their iOS or Android smartphone, point the camera at the card and watch it come to life.

Morgan Sindall's use of Augmented Reality cards cuts through the typical marketing white-noise. Their forward-thinking marketing team are using our technology to drive brand awareness and ultimately new leads.

- Michael Watson, Head of Digital Advertising

Over the past 6 months, Aircards has seen a significant uplift in the amount of Augmented Reality marketing enquiries for our app-less technology. What does this mean? Businesses are seeing the clear use-case for the technology, and Aircards provides an easy-access route for business and marketing teams to launch their own Augmented Reality marketing campaigns. Typical turn around time for campaign set-ups are less than one week, so brands can be quick to deploy new campaigns and gain an edge on the competition.

Take a look at the Morgan Sindall Augmented Reality experience below:

About Morgan Sindall Property Services

Morgan Sindall Group plc is a leading UK construction and regeneration group with a turnover of £2.8 billion, employing around 6,400 people and operating in the public and commercial sectors. We operate through six divisions of construction and infrastructure, fit out, property services, affordable housing, urban regeneration and investments.

About Aircards

Aircards provides an end-to-end service for the creation of app-less Augmented Reality marketing campaigns. Every Augmented Reality campaign we create is custom and never requires an app download to function. Users are always 3 taps away from engaging with your content.

You can view case studies from recent clients like Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Boot Barn and Jackson Hogg Recruitment over at the case studies page.

Are you interested in launching your own Augmented Reality experience? Get in touch via the contact form or send an email to to start a conversation.