Augmented Reality Case Study

Jackson Hogg

Expo Promo Material
Print Marketing

Leading national recruitment specialist, Jackson Hogg utilized Web-based Augmented Reality to increase the impact of their print marketing.

print marketing

The Objective

To apply Augmented Reality and embed a brand showcase video into a A5 folded card, to increase the impact of the printed material being distributed throughout an industry event.

Our Big Idea

To bring Jackson Hogg event brochures to life, greatly increasing the customer engagement of their print. Using WebAR image tracking technology, we positioned their brand showcase video to the reverse side of the brochure. We designed a clear Call-to-Action module so that the public knew exactly what to do to view the experience. Once inside the experience, we placed a CTA link directing straight to an email form to get in touch with the Senior Consultant at Jackson Hogg.

  • WebAR solution - so no app download required
  • AR activated via either QR code scan or unique URL visit
  • Personalised video introduction of key consultant
  • Image tracking enabled so 2D video mirrors perspective of postcard
  • Custom Jackson Hogg branding
  • Added value through custom Call-to-Action buttons that drive users to send an email to key Jackson Hogg business consultant, opening the default email app on the users smartphone and pre-filling email subject title

The Results

Jackson Hogg transformed what would have been standard and static printed event material to a dynamic piece of content which was able to directly send interested potential customers to get in touch. This was a 'worlds-first' for this type of app-less Augmented Reality used within the recruitment industry.

  • Increased engagements from event print marketing material
  • 42% AR engagement rate from print distribution
  • 34% click-through rate
  • 35sec average dwell time

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Experience Features

This highly innovative WebAR experience included the following features

Expo Promo Material
WebAR Feature

Image Tracking

Image tracking WebAR technology to transform their brochure into an interactive print marketing

WebAR Feature

Custom CTA

Clear and obvious branded Call-to-Action button within the experience to drive maximum clicks

WebAR Feature

Advanced Analytics Provision

Jackson Hogg were able to accurately monitor the success of the campaign within the Aircards analytics dashboard