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Reviewing the 11 Best WebAR Experiences

February 25, 2021

Let’s look at the best WebAR experiences from different categories to show the range of what WebAR can accomplish. From business cards to OOH and product packaging to live events, the following list has it all. 

What is WebAR?

Before we jump in, we should quickly define what exactly WebAR is. WebAR is Web-based Augmented Reality. Web-based means the AR experience is launched from a web browser, not an app. 

Did you catch that? It does not require an app! That’s a big deal because it means any size brand or business can now utilize Augmented Reality. As you’ll see from the below examples, single real estate agents to Fortune 500 companies are taking advantage of all WebAR has to offer. 

11 Best WebAR Experiences

There are so many great WebAR experiences out there now; it’s hard to narrow it down. But here are 10 great examples that show a nice range of what WebAR can do.

1. Bon V!V AR Vending Machine

When most people think of Out-of-Home advertising, they think of bus stop posters or billboards. Bon V!V thought of a building. They transformed the side of a storefront into a beautiful ad that transforms again into an Augmented Reality experience. Passers-by can point their phone’s cameras at the ad to launch an Augmented Reality vending machine. This interactive machine dispenses Bon V!V’s newest flavors of their Spiked Seltzer.

2. Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold Yosemite Portal

What’s better than a cold brew to break up a stressful day? Michelob ULTRA ran with that concept and created a portal to peaceful Yosemite. Users can escape the day's stressors and enjoy a fun, interactive experience that transports them to a beautiful corner of California. It serves as both a thank you for loyal customers and an incentive for others to join the club. 

3. Pot Noodle Careers Fair 

The Pot Noodle Careers Fair certainly earned its way on this list of best WebAR experiences. This last-minute change from an in-person to AR live event was more successful than anyone anticipated. The case study boasts amazing results:

  • Over 2,000 job applications
  • 17K+ users
  • 2.4M reach
  • 8% conversion rate
  • +500% increase in job applications

4. Golden Road Brewing World Series Celebration

This print activation was featured in L.A. Times after the L.A. Dodgers won the World Series. With just a quick scan with their phone’s cameras, Times readers could raise a glass to their team for taking home the win. It’s a fun example of face recognition and tracking that’s reminiscent of Snapchat (but without an app!).

5. The Good Crisp Company AR Product Packaging

This WebAR experience is a perfect example of elevating product packaging to an interactive experience. The Good Crisp canister was like a Christmas present in itself, delivering a holiday message straight from Santa. To top it off, users could take a selfie with Santa at the end to share with their friends and family.

6. Dell Technologies AR Room

Dell Technologies didn’t let a pandemic stop them from showing the world what they can do. In fact, they embraced the disruption of their tech convention plans and pivoted to Augmented Reality. They proved once again why they are leaders in the tech world with this 360-degree realm of possibilities. The Augmented Reality portal widened their reach even further since it wasn’t confined to a physical convention center. 

7. Verizon Media Santa’s Grotto WebAR Experience

Since holiday traditions were put on lockdown in 2020, Verizon Media brought Santa to its customers. Users could explore Santa’s Grotto, complete with elves, workshops, and snow. And, of course, they didn’t forget the annual picture with Santa. Users could snap a selfie with Santa to check off that holiday tradition. 

8. Boot Barn Video Postcard

Boot Barn’s WebAR experience shows how to elevate traditional print marketing to a modern level. The futuristic marketing was perfectly juxtaposed with its old-timey Western commercial. It certainly spoke to its target customer base, who are down-to-earth people living in a fast-paced world. 

9. Kinder Jump Into Africa Portal

Kinder has a way of bringing the child out in all of us. They normally accomplish that with chocolate, but this time they accomplished it with Augmented Reality. This WebAR experience launched a portal into an animated Africa, right in the middle of a store aisle. Kids and adults alike could step in and explore the savannah without ever leaving suburbia! It’s a fun and interactive experience that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

10. Real Estate Agent Hologram Business Card

Kinder…Dell… Pot Noodle… you may think that WebAR is just for big brands, but that’s not the case! This business card is just one example of how entrepreneurs and small brands use WebAR to up their marketing game. These days, it seems like everyone is a real estate agent, but nobody is like this real estate agent! He certainly stands out amongst his competitors with this Star Wars-worthy business card.

11. Aircards Interstellar Portal

WebAR portals, like Kinder and Dell’s, are growing in popularity. So, who could resist creating a portal into outer space? Not us here at Aircards! Sure, we wanted to create a sample WebAR portal to show off to potential customers. But, let’s be honest, we also really wanted to go into outer space! Our inner eight-year-olds patted us on the back for this WebAR experience.

Augmented Reality Solution Providers

At Aircards, we create more than advertisements; we create experiences. We create interactive, memorable, and profitable Augmented Reality experiences that take your brand to the next level. We are one of the original pioneers in WebAR marketing and can launch your brand to the future, just like we did for all of the above companies. 

Contact Us today for a free demo and consultation. Or, check out all of the Augmented Reality Services we offer. 

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