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Successful Augmented Reality Live Events

January 26, 2021

Live Events no longer have to be anchored to a physical location. With Augmented Reality, brands can reach wider audiences with an immersive experience. From exhibitions to conferences to product launches, Augmented Reality live events are growing in popularity.

Benefits of Augmented Reality Live Events

AR live events deliver a replacement experience that your audience can enjoy from home. With conferences canceled worldwide from the pandemic, many brands adapted with AR and were quickly rewarded. The benefits include:

  • Local to worldwide reach
  • Effective CTA
  • Easy-to-click digital information
  • Targeted marketing
  • Memorable, immersive experience
  • 35%+ engagement rates

Examples of Successful AR Live Events

Many brands turned to AR live events out of necessity but have realised the continued value. As you can see in the following examples, the AR alternatives proved to be just as good (or better!).

Samsung Product Launch

Smyle Creative augmented a live-stream event with 3D product demonstrations. Attendees could scan on-screen Augmented Reality QR codes to view products within their own environment. Thus, they could interact with Samsung’s latest and upcoming product line. Users could “place” the featured products on their desks or in their offices, and enjoy other fun digital elements, too. 

Nutanix Event Booth

With their live expo cancelled, Nutanix turned to Augmented Reality. Attendees could “walk through” the booth and access multiple information videos. With a click, they could learn more about Nutanix’s services and easily access other information. The AR live event was intriguing, informative, and impactful!

Pot Noodle Careers Fair

Pot Noodle’s AR Career Fair outshined previous years’… by a lot! The event reached over 2.4 million people with more than 17,000 users. They received a 500% increase in job applications from previous live events with more than 2,000 applications. Needless to say, it was a huge success; though, Connie Stovell, assistant brand manager of Pot Noodle, was happy to say so herself.

"After having to cancel our on-campus alternative careers fair, we thought that executing an exceptional virtual experience to replace it would be tough in the 6-week timeframe - but working with Aircards was super slick and made the whole process so easy! The quality of the experience was seriously impressive, and we've had lots of positive feedback from students who tried it out. The experience has been praised internally, and we received more applications than ever before — a 500% increase!" - Connie Stovell, Assistant Brand Manager - Pot Noodle

Dell Technologies Immersive Portal

As a leader in the tech world, Dell Technologies couldn’t let a pandemic stand in the way of their digital universe. They engaged Aircards to recreate what was intended to be an in-person experience room at an international conference. Aircards created a digital room instead, which could pop up anywhere users were around the world. 

Users could enter the Augmented Reality portal with 360-degree views of a digital universe. It was truly a futuristic experience that embraced Dell Technologies’ brand image and highlighted their capabilities. 

Augmented Reality Solution Providers

Aircards provided solutions for all of the above live events. We can help take your brand to the next level, too. Contact Us today for a free demo and no-pressure consultation.

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