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Web AR Case Study: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

May 5, 2020

In this Web AR case study, we are going to review the use of web-based augmented reality (Web AR) in promoting the launch of Primera, a new Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) storage product. HPE is a sister company of Hewlett Packard that specializes in enterprise hardware products, such as servers and networking equipment. As a leader in the IT industry, they wanted to use the latest AR technology to promote their new product launch.   

Web AR Case Study: Objective

HPE wanted a targeted campaign to introduce Primera to their existing customer base, as well as their senior employees. HPE Primera is the world’s most intelligent storage for mission-critical apps. As such, HPE wanted an eye-catching Web AR postcard with a simple design that contained important information within.

Web AR Case Study: Ideation

Augmented reality (Web AR) is the perfect solution for transforming simple printed material into an interactive experience, creating AR Print Marketing. The goal was to convey the message that business owners could rest easy knowing their data was safely stored within HPE Primera. Aircards created a design that made a postcard the physical metaphor of that concept. 

Using an A6 size postcard, we mimicked a traditional travel postcard displaying a beach scene on the front, and a “wish you were here” message on the back. The traditional postcard feel was then elevated with an untraditional stamp: a QR code. Instead of directing to a mailing address, the postcard directed the recipient to point their phone’s camera at the QR stamp. 

Web AR Case Study Postcard Campaign
Web-based Augmented Reality HPE Postcard

Aircards uses Web-based Augmented Reality so the user can view the experience without needing to download an app, the recipient’s phone automatically becomes an augmented reality device. The recipient is prompted to choose a preferred experience, either the beach, mountains, or countryside. By flipping back to the front of the postcard, the user sees the beach scene come to life through their phone, or become a mountain or countryside if chosen. The company’s message to their customer then scrolls across the postcard, moving with the postcard as it moves in real space. 

The recipient’s experience ends on, with the Primera product information at their fingertips. 

Web AR Case Study: Results

Web AR Case Study HPE Analytics
Web AR Analytics - Campaign Results

HPE considered the AR marketing campaign a big success. The postcards garnered a lot of attention from their target audience of existing customers:

  • Increased sales of HPE Primera product
  • 160 AR interactions
  • 55 unique users
  • 41.18% click-through rate
  • 2 min 25 sec average dwell time

The incredibly high click-through rate of 41.18% demolished the standard 3% response rate of other online and print marketing strategies. With over two minutes of dwell time, users also clearly enjoyed engaging with the experience and the HPE brand. 

HPE was so pleased with the success of the campaign they have already contracted Aircards for another AR product. An HPE A3 calendar will soon be brought to life with augmented reality. 

In addition to Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Aircards has created AR marketing materials for well-known brands, including Boot Barn, Nationwide, Jackson Hogg. Our app-less augmented reality technology improves brand and product awareness, increases sales, and much more. 

Check out more Web AR case studies or contact us today to see how Aircards can serve your brand.