The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool approached us to create an engaging piece of Web AR direct mail, in the form of a postcard, to send to existing customers for the promotion of a new service offering. We are delighted at the success of this campaign. The analytic data clearly demonstrates how effectively Augmented Reality can engage audiences, outperform many other forms of digital marketing and drive high engagement and clicks with ease.

The Objective

To engage and increase awareness within their existing customer base around the launch of a new service ahead of membership renewals

The Strategy

An innovative Direct Mail campaign using postcards that come to life through Augmented Reality. Using an A6 size postcard that would be sent to engage the targeted membership list of their organisation.

The campaign goal was to increase increase customer retention, and we used Augmented Reality print marketing to achieve high engagement rates. It was clear that delivering an Augmented Reality experience created a highly engaged audience, with the high average dwell time on-page and extremely high engagement rate.

The Results

  • 40.3% engagement rate
  • 2.08x page views per user
  • ~2mins dwell time inside the experience

So what?

Clearly demonstrated by the impressive average time on page and engagement rate, our Augmented Reality experience created a highly engaged audience that came back multiple times to consume the brand content. That kind of engagement and urge to consume content is unprecedented when compared with forms of marketing that doesn’t utilize Augmented Reality, like Social Media advertising and traditional Direct Mail.

If you’re looking to launch a campaign that has proven it can deliver some of the highest engagement rates in Advertising, then our Web-based Augmented Reality should be at the top of your list.