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5 Innovative Augmented Reality Uses in Advertising

May 15, 2020

Web-based Augmented reality doesn’t just take advertising to the next level. It takes it to another world. Advertising goes from a stagnant plea for attention to an interactive experience with AR. It's now possible to deliver AR experiences direct to consumers smartphones, without the need for them to download a 3rd party app. Web AR works with any iOS or Android native device camera, allowing for a seamless user-experience. There are endless possibilities when it comes to app-less augmented reality uses in advertising, but here are the 5 categories they generally fall under (#3 is the newest!).

5 Most Effective Augmented Reality Uses in Advertising

Effective AR Uses in Advertising

Augmented reality first appeared with a big bang back around 2013. But it lost some traction because it was inaccessible on two accounts. One, only the biggest brands could afford it. And two, special displays had to be set up, or customers had to download special apps. But now, neither of those are obstacles with the new app-less augmented reality technology. Small businesses and worldwide brands alike can now enjoy the marketing benefits of augmented reality. 

1. Web AR Out-of-Home Advertising

Web AR Out-of-Home Advertising Board

AR out-of-home advertising (AR OOH) that used to rely on special screens can now be printed on any poster or billboard. City billboards, subway posters, and bus stop advertising boards can all be brought to life with a custom augmented reality QR code. All passersby have to do is point their phone’s camera at the augmented reality QR code, and bam! The world around them changes through the lens of their device. 

2. Web AR Print Marketing

Web AR Print Marketing Possibilities

Print marketing has never been as effective as it is today with augmented reality. The response rate for traditional print marketing is measured in single digits. You’re doing “good” in the range of 3-9%. Our case studies have consistently proven that the engagement and click-through rates of AR print marketing is in the neighborhood of 40%. Talk about redefining “good!” 

3. Web AR Expo & Conferences

AR Expo & Conferences Popular in 2020

In light of COIVD-19, expos and conferences have been cancelled around the world. Customers may not be able to come to your booth, but that shouldn’t stop you from bringing your booth to them. WebAR technology enables you to deliver an in-home experience that your audience won’t forget. You can display a full augmented reality trade show booth, create augmented reality live events, and so much more! 

4. Web AR Product Packaging

Web AR Product Packaging

Product packaging is like the icing on the cake for your product. It’s what helps draw the customer in and improves brand awareness. Now, you can attract more customers and boost your brand narrative with interactive packaging. Whether you want a 2D or 3D experience, the possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

5. Web AR E-Commerce

Web AR Integrated with E-Commerce

AR E-commerce enables the customer to experience your product from the comfort of their home through your existing e-com website. Customers can “try on” clothes, “place” furniture in their living room, “hang” pictures on their walls, and so much more. It greatly increases the purchase confidence of the customer, which increases sales and decreases returns!

Benefits of Web-based Augmented Reality (Web AR)

To learn more about the many web-based augmented reality uses in advertising, Contact us today. We would be happy to go over the many benefits of augmented reality for increasing sales and brand awareness. We have solid tracking and case studies to show you exactly what AR can do for your company.

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