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Unforgettable AR Out-of-Home Advertisements

March 20, 2020

Out-of-home advertising, one of the oldest marketing strategies, is being launched into the future. Online advertising is losing visibility due to ad blockers and excessive competition. But billboards, street furniture, and signs are still standing in solidarity in the public eye. Modern marketers are taking advantage of the unavoidability of the ads, and taking OOH to the next level with augmented reality. 

AR OOH Ads Becoming a Reality with DOOH

AR out of home advertising
Outdoor Advertising in New York City

The pioneering outdoor ads that used AR certainly caught the attention of the public but was an elaborate production. The big-name campaigns invested a lot of money to set up screens, cameras, and more to make the augmented experience possible in a single public location. But now, digital out-of-house (DOOH) advertising is on the rise and spreading across cities. 

Stagnant OOH billboards and signs are quickly being replaced with digital versions. Digital signs can flip through numerous ads, and use moving ads to capture passersby interest. It’s the perfect medium for AR advertising. Best of all, the transition to DOOH is making outdoor AR advertising an affordable reality for businesses everywhere.

Best AR Out-of-Home Experiences

Within the next few years, there are going to be countless examples of awesome Web AR ads that interact with customers. Brands are looking to roll out experiential marketing campaigns using Augmented Reality combined with traditional marketing channels. It should be noted that the following examples don't all use Web-based Augmented Reality, as the technology just wasn't available at the time. Now with the introduction of commercial grade Web AR, these types of experiences can be deployed without the need for the users to have to download an app from the Play Store or App Store. For now though, we have selected the most memorable to show what augmented reality is capable of, and to inspire what is to come. 

BON V!V Spiked Seltzer - Virtual Vending Machine

BON V!V Spiked Seltzer launched an out-of-home advertising campaign using an engaging and interactive Web AR retail experience placed throughout Los Angeles and San Diego. Passersby could scan the QR code on the OOH printed mural to activate the experience. Once activated users could tap-to-place a fully functioning, virtual 3D BON V!V vending machine right in front of them using Web-based Augmented Reality! 

After placing the vending machine, they could browse the different flavors, choose their favorite and watch it get dispensed in a full (and very cool) 3D animation. BON V!V also gave consumers the ability to either use a custom maps functionality to navigate to the nearest store or a link to purchase online. This fully integrated AR Out-of-Home advertising campaign not only engaged customers and increased brand awareness, but also drove direct sales of the product.

NHS Give Blood Billboard

The National Health Service (NHS) used augmented reality to show the healing power of blood donations. Their interactive billboard showed real patients in need of blood asking passersby to help by filling a virtual blood bag. Virtual donors used their phones to “connect” IVs to their arms. As blood virtually left their body, they could see the blood bag filling up on the digital billboard. Most importantly, they could see the patient transforming into healthier versions of themselves. 

Kinder 'Jump Into Africa' Retail Web AR

Activated from in-store advertising, the African safari portal experience gives adults and kids a fully immersive, engaging and fun Web-based Augmented Reality experience. Th portal features animated 3D safari animals that are discovered, associated with fun fact annotations to learn more about the safari animals.

Large brands like Kinder are clearly seeing the value in Web-based Augmented Reality for OOH advertising. This example shows exactly how AR OOH can drastically increase brand and product engagement through the delivery of immersive, app-less experiences.

Burger King’s Burn That Ad

A much more recent AR campaign was a huge success for Burger King. It is also a great example of using augmented reality with stagnant billboards and signs. Their Burn That Ad Campaign enabled users to virtually torch the competition. Users could point their phones at a competitor's advertisement, like McDonald’s, and watch the ad go up in flame. As a bonus, users received a free Whopper to enjoy on their next visit.

The Future of Augmented Reality OOH Advertising

With augmented reality, the future of OOH advertising is fun! The number of ways to interact with your customers is only limited to the size of your imagination. To learn more about AR out-of-home marketing and what it can do for your company, contact Aircards today. Let’s have some fun!