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Aircards Announces 4K Video Enabled Web AR Experiences

July 13, 2020

14/07/20 // Aircards announces launches 4K video enabled Web AR experiences through adaptive streaming of high-resolution content in Web-based Augmented Reality. The proprietary software uses a similar approach to buffering video on platforms such as Youtube and Netflix, effectively eliminating the limit of video duration for content and significantly reducing experience load times.

This proprietary feature developed by the Aircards team is a significant breakthrough in the realm of WebAR

4K-AR - 4K Video Within Web AR

Due to the nature of Web AR as a cloud-hosted technology where users access experiences through a standard webpage, video content previously needed to be compressed to optimize  file size for speedy page-load time. This constraint typically restricted the use of 4K resolution video due to the extremely large file size, but this new feature from Aircards removes that constraint. Ultra-high resolution video content unlocks higher-quality WebAR experiences such as portals, OOH AR video ads, and AR posters.

COO of Aircards, Michael Watson said:

“We’re proud to continually lead the charge on innovation within the Web AR space. Our team has developed an approach to enable adaptive streaming of high-resolution video content up to 4K in AR.”
“Our proprietary software uses a similar approach to buffering video on platforms such as Youtube and Netflix, effectively eliminating the limit of video duration for content in AR and reducing initial page load times by over 10x.”

Not only does this enable enhanced video resolution, it enables unlimited video duration for experiences where a longer video is preferential. 

The proprietary technology, named ‘4K-AR’ uses adaptive bitrate streaming, which is the ability to download video segments during playback, and to adjust video quality in the middle of a stream as network conditions change while viewing the Web AR experience. 

Aircards solely develop and deploy using the 8th Wall Web AR framework, which allows client campaigns to be totally ‘app-less’, meaning users don’t need to download an app to view the experience. 4K-AR is compatible across both iOS and Android devices and is now available for use within client campaigns.

What is streaming?

Streaming is a way of delivering data over the Internet so that a device can start displaying the data before it fully loads. Video is streamed over the Internet so that the client device does not have to download the entire video file before playing it.

About Aircards

Aircards provide an end-to-end service for the creation and deployment of marketing focused Web-based Augmented Reality. Developing experiences like virtual try-on functionality for eCommerce brands, teleporting customers to different locations using Web AR portals or creating Augmented Reality outdoor advertising campaigns.

Aircards have a strong focus on the provision of in-depth Web AR analytics associated with all client experiences. The team uses a range of proprietary software, which includes 3D spatial analytics, to enable brands to analyze campaign performance and consumer behaviour at the highest level. 

The company's client roster includes the likes of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Stanley Black & Decker, Unilever, Pot Noodle, Nationwide Insurance and Deloitte, amongst dozens of other Fortune 500 companies.

Aircards are leading the charge in delivering innovative, engaging and high performance Augmented Reality marketing campaigns.

Press contact

Matt Watson - Head of Marketing



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