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Augmented Reality Marketing Ideas: Real Estate

October 1, 2020

The best real estate agents are the best marketers, both for themselves and their listings. Competition is so fierce in the real estate industry that new and innovative marketing ideas are key to survival. So, it’s no surprise that real estate firms and agents are chomping at the bit to launch augmented reality marketing campaigns. But with so many possibilities, where do you start? What AR marketing ideas will have the most impact?

3 Most Effective Augmented Reality Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

Innovation doesn’t always mean different. In many cases, innovation isn’t about reinventing the wheel, but improving upon it. The most effective augmented reality ideas do just that: they improve upon tried and true marketing strategies… in a big way!

Augmented Reality Business Cards

Sometimes the best idea comes in the smallest packages. Augmented reality business cards are the perfect example. In a 3.5 x 2 inch card, you can pack a virtual experience that every person you hand your card to will remember. Real estate agents plaster their faces on signs, park benches and even billboards to try to burn their image into the minds of potential clients. Well, what if your image came to life? What if your business card transformed into a personal introduction? That’s exactly what you can do with AR business cards, and more!

Augmented Reality Direct Mail Campaign 

The average direct mail campaign achieves a 2-3% response rate—and that’s considered good! A 7% response rate is considered a huge success. Well, what if I said you could achieve an engagement rate in the double digits? And no, I don’t mean 10-20%; I mean 30-40%, and beyond. The Motley Fool direct mail campaign shown in the above video achieved a 40.3% engagement rate with 2.08x page views per user. Now imagine a similar campaign for real estate: This is what your dream home could look like!

Augmented Reality Real Estate Yard Sign

augmented reality real estate

Here’s another idea for you: what if you could turn a real estate yard sign into a virtual tour of the listing? Instead of grabbing paper flyers out of a box, potential buyers could scan an augmented reality QR on your sign. When they simply point their phone’s camera at the QR code, a virtual tour could automatically come to life. It would be as if your yard sign transforms into a portal into the interior of the home. Or, it could lead to a virtual introduction and a book-a-showing page.

Endless Augmented Reality Ideas for Real Estate

Real estate agents are some of the most creative marketers, coming up with new and engaging ideas with every campaign. Aircards can help bring your ideas to life by bringing your marketing to life, literally! Contact Us today to transform your next marketing campaign into an augmented reality experience.