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Integrating 4K Video With Connected Packaging

July 17, 2020

Aircards are introducing their 4K-AR technology to Connected Packaging to enable adaptive streaming of content up to 4K resolution. Integrating Web-based Augmented Reality experiences with product packaging will enable ultra-high definition video content to be delivered via the packaging surfaces and create outstanding consumer experiences.

Aircards has a strategic focus on the development and innovation within the Connected Packaging space, recognizing the continued need to innovate how consumers can enjoy rich, immersive content.

There are a number of key areas within Connected Packaging where we’re driving innovation:

  • High resolution (4K) video experiences
  • 3D animated content
  • Immersive 360 portals
  • Interactive games and quizzes
  • User product feedback
  • Supply chain provenance

Where previously Connected Packaging required an app download for the consumer to enjoy the virtual content, our exclusive focus on web-based Augmented Reality means that this barrier to entry is no more.

App-less Augmented Reality within Connected Packaging

Consumers are able to simply enjoy the experience through the mobile web browser of any iOS or Android mobile device, ensuring a high degree of both compatibility and User Experience.

Having recently developed and deployed the complex and highly successful Web AR, 3D Careers Fair for Unilever-owned brand Pot Noodle, Aircards have a portfolio of impressive industry leading Web AR experiences developed and deployed by their in-house team of AR developers, 3D designers and marketing professionals.

What makes Aircards the leading choice for Connected Packaging?

Before Augmented Reality, the majority of the Aircards team were marketers first. This means that we deliver each one of our campaigns from the perspective of delivering measurable ROI through a proprietary suite of analytics and performance tracking metrics.

Alongside the 4K-AR connected packaging features available to clients, Aircards can integrate accurate analytic performance tracking as well as their proprietary Spatial Analytics technology for large 3D Web AR scenes.

Taking this marketing-centric approach to delivering Connected Packaging experiences ensures that a measurable impact is our number one objective.

Before any successful campaign can go live, there needs to be a foundation of solid development work to ensure campaigns are ready for large-scale distribution. Our rockstar developers are the team behind some of the most exciting recent Web-based Augmented Reality campaign launches. For enterprise-grade and mass distribution ready experiences, you’re in very safe hands.

If you’re looking for a Web AR Connected Packaging provider that is able to take concepts from ideation to deployment, from start to finish, get in touch with Aircards to get started.