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What Companies Use Augmented Reality?

August 20, 2020

With almost 28 years since the beginning of AR technology, there is a wide range of industries and companies that leverage AR today. With video games, live events and other video entertainment extensively utilising AR, this market is expected to exceed $35 billion by 2022. The industry was slow to start but with the latest app-less technology, AR is now accessible to small companies. Now, the use of Augmented Reality is skyrocketing. 

What Companies Use Augmented Reality?

So, What Companies Use Augmented Reality?

Well, Augmented Reality was once limited to brand giants like National Geographic and Pepsi. But now, companies of all sizes are using the technology. Here are some ways companies are using Augmented Reality today. We’ve included some examples of companies that you may recognise, but the technology is now available to everyone.

What Companies Use Augmented Reality?

Product “Try On” or “Try Outs”

Furniture makers like IKEA are using AR to help users visualise how any of their products would look when assembled. Before adding any product to the cart, the users can select the product, point the phone camera to a space in their homes and get an idea of how the product would look in that space or how much room it would occupy. Gucci launched a similar experience for trying on shoes. 

Product Launch 

The Western brand, Boot Barn, leveraged AR for their new product line launch. They created a direct mail campaign using postcards that come to life with a cinematic video experience. Features like image tracking, enhanced CTA buttons, digital analytics, etc. helped achieve a 50-second average dwell time, more than 315 AR interactions, and 39.25% click-through rate. How do we know those figures? Because augmented reality marketing is fully trackable with an analytics dashboard.

Business card designs

Companies like Stanley Black & Decker utilised AR for the creation of web-based AR business cards. The cardholders could initiate different forms of contact with the business card owner simply by hovering their device’s camera over the card. What other business card can utilise a digital Call-to-Action button? Furthermore, the potential client can easily save the contact information to their phone, so you don’t have to worry about them tossing the business card. 

Product Education

Hewlett Packard Enterprise marketed its new software product, HPE Primera, through the use of AR integration on A6 postcards. Pre-existing customers and senior employees were sent postcards that they could scan using their mobile phones without needing to download an app (that’s the magic of WebAR technology). The interactive experience introduced their new product to both employees and customers.

HPE was also able to track its success with an analytics dashboard that comes along with AR marketing. This included image tracking, CTA buttons to route users to the microsite, an initial pre-roll webpage, etc. and proved to be one of the best marketing channels for the company. With 2min 25sec of average dwell time, more than 40% of click-through rate and over 160 AR interactions on this project, HPE is already planning its next AR-based campaign. 

What About Your Company?

What Companies Use Augmented Reality?

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