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7 Ideas & Examples of Augmented Reality for Alcohol Brands

July 6, 2021

Alcohol brands have been at the forefront of using Augmented Reality to reach customers in interesting ways. But why alcohol? What draws the alcohol industry specifically to this marketing medium? 

Customers engage with AR because of the “fun” factor, providing them an enjoyable, elevated experience. Meanwhile, alcohol is selling a similar experience, so AR naturally aligns with their marketing goals.

4 Examples of Augmented Reality for Alcohol Brands

The following alcohol brands used Augmented Reality in unique and effective ways. And all received great results

1 - Golden Road Brewing Celebrate L.A. Dodgers World Series Win with WebAR Filter

The Dodgers won the World Series. Their millions of fans wanted to celebrate. This was the perfect opportunity for Los Angeles-based Golden Road Brewery to reach these fans looking to bask in the glory.

And what better way for them to share their elation than on social media (and to rub it in their east coast friends’ faces)? This AR experience spoke to these fans’ chomping at the bit to party while seamlessly promoting Golden Road beer. 

Using a camera filter, the consumer would show themselves in selfie mode on their phone and be prompted to “Tap to Celebrate.” Tapping their finger to their screen would begin a very fitting animation. 

First, a graphic of a Dodgers cap would appear on the user’s head, and a special Dodgers edition can of Golden Road’s Blonde Ale would appear below their face on their phone screen. Then to the user’s surprise, the can cracks open and little Dodgers, Golden Road and baseball logos rain down around them like confetti. As they celebrate, they can capture a still of this image to share.

Meanwhile, and most importantly, at the top of the screen is a button to “Redeem Rebate” for Golden Road products. By tapping that, the consumer is brought to a map showing locations selling Golden Road nearby. 

This successful AR experience used good timing to engage the consumer to promote their brand through social media while also giving them a chance to buy it.

2 - Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold - Yosemite WebAR Portal Experience

A brand doesn’t always need to time their AR experience with a specific event. Instead, they can pair with its product’s features. Anheuser-Busch approached Aircards to create an interactive experience in which the user virtually enters Yosemite National Park. 

The experience begins with the customer pointing their phone’s camera at an open space, and a tent sprouts up from the ground. This tent has a doorway inviting them to “Tap to Enter Yosemite.” By tapping, the door opens and the user walks inside as if it’s really there. The phone’s environment creates the illusion of entering Yosemite with a flowing waterfall, campfire and picnic table set up with attractive Michelob products. 

The user can walk around and explore this virtual space, which contains panels they can tap to reveal text explaining what makes this beer organic. This connects the beer’s features to the Yosemite environment. And when the user taps the beer on the picnic table, the “natural” message is driven home by explaining that $1 of every case is donated to the National Park Foundation.

Prompts at the bottom of the screen allow the user to purchase the beer online or enter a contest.

3 - BON V!V Spiked Seltzer AR Out-of-Home Campaign

AR experiences don’t even have to be complex to engage potential customers. By simply scanning a QR code, a virtual three-dimensional Bon V!v vending machine appears before the customer. Just the simple joy of seeing something on your phone that’s not there in real life can be enough to engage.

In this case, the consumer uses their phone to get a close look at the machine containing every  flavor. They can even interact with the machine to dispense what they want to check out. Then they have the option of ordering online or scanning a map of nearby stores selling it.

4 - Shocker IPA Augmented Reality Beer Can Label

When someone is scanning the shelves for a beer to try, how do you get their attention? 

Sometimes the design of the product itself can be utilized to capture the customer’s imagination through an AR experience. This Shocker IPA can features a cartoon man being shocked by a lightning bolt. Next to this graphic is the message “This can is animated.” 

The intrigued consumer then scans the accompanying QR code and the can is “brought to life” on their phone screen. The text and man on the can getting zapped appear animated, virtually coming alive before their eyes. This extra effort creates brand awareness where it might not otherwise be found. 

3 More Ideas for Augmented Reality for Alcohol Brands

If you’re an alcohol brand or business looking to get in on this rising trend, here are some ideas of what you can do to successfully engage customers.

1 - Direct Mail Postcards

The evolution of print advertising turns a printed postcard into an interactive commercial

There’s only so much information one could place on a printed mail postcard. But by turning the postcard into an experience, the user learns more about your alcohol brand. Plus, it connects them to purchasing options!

2 - Drink Coasters

Much like the postcards, AR-enabled drink coasters provide a more thematically connected experience. While enjoying their drink, the consumer can discover and interact with your brand.

You can offer a mini game, like darts, pool, and other pub-related games. Or you can introduce your brand and brewing methods in a video. All can end with a strong call to action to purchase your alcohol.

3 - Product Packaging

The more interactive version of the Shocker IPA method, the customer is given the options for adding animation to a real life scenario.

As the customer holds your brand’s beer bottle in their hand, they can tap their screen and watch as custom animation brings the product to life. It’s up to them how much they want to interact with it. This is totally customizable and allows for peak creativity to bring joy to the user and associate that good feeling with your product. 

Augmented Reality Solution Providers

Overall, the fun, surprise factor of AR experiences makes interaction with a product more memorable. But more than that, Augmented Reality is one of the most effective marketing methods available with unprecedented engagement rates. Cheers to that!

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